Dabur Gastrina 60tab


Gastrina is time tested Ayurvedic formulation, for quick and effective relief from abdominal pain, belching and fullness caused due to abdominal gas..


Dabur Kumaryasava No. 3 225ml


A digestive tonic especially for children in conditions of Liver, Digestive health etc. Can also be given to children during worm infestation..

Laxirid Tablets

Dabur Laxirid 60 Tablets


Laxirid provides symptomatic relief from constipation by regulating bowel movement and reducing flatulence.

Pilochek Gel

Dabur Pilochek gel 30g


Pilochek gel is a combination of herbs which are effective in treating piles and its associated symptoms. Comes with applicator for easy application.


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